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 Mario Baltajiev is a Bulgarian composer in the fields of television, radio, cinema and musicals.

 He has written music for movies- "The Profit", TV shows - "Lords of the Air", "Sea of ​​Love", "You have mail/ C'e posta per te ", "Russian Roulette", "ZaloAlozhi", "The Magnificent 6", "Psychic Challenge - Bulgaria". For radio stations - Radio FM+, BNR Radio Sofia, BNR Horizont, BNR Hr.Botev, BNR Radio Bulgaria. For TV series "All Inclusive", "Brothers”. For theater - the musical "Aladdin", the musical "The Ugly Duckling", the children play "Samodivi". And for TV Channels - Ring TV, Channel 3, Max Sport

He was born in 1971 in Yambol, where his parents were opera singers at the Yambol Opera.

At the age of 18, he created a rock band called "Allegro" together with Pavel Milenov (drums) and Yavor Kirin (vocals and guitars) and in 1992 they recorded their first studio album "Barok". In 1995 Biser Ivanov (guitars) and Mario Ivanov (bass) joined the band.

In 1998 he started working as a sound engineer and producer for Radio FM+ Sofia. He was trained by leading consultants from BCI.

In 2000, he was invited by Magarditch Halvadjian to work on the film "The Profit" with producer BNT.

Following the success of the film, he continued his collaboration with Magarditch Halvadjian creating music and sound design for most of Global Films' TV productions.

In 2004, he started working as a sound engineer in the studio of the genius Bulgarian violinist Vasko Vassilev in London. They continue to work together on various projects to this day. Vasko recorded the solo violin part in the musical “The Ugly Duckling”.

He has many years of experience creating music for productions in the fields of television commercials, radio imaging and musical theather.

In 2012, the family musical "Aladdin" premiered on the stage of the National Music Theater in Sofia, Bulgaria with entirely original music by Mario Baltajiev, created in collaboration with the librettist Ivan Angelov. The musical was a hit for almost 10 years.
In 2015, Mario worked with Ivan Angelov again to create the musical "The Ugly Duckling" on the stage of the Independent Theater and the National Music Theater.

In 2017, he was invited by Vasko Vasilev and Pamela Nicholson to work on the musical project "Tri Operas" for the Peacock Theater West End London.

In 2019, the television producer Krasimir Vankov invited him to write a song and music for the comedy series "All Inclusive". After the success of the series, he was invited again to work on Hidalgo Productions’ next project -The television criminal drama series "Brothers".

In 2020 was invited by the director of Radio Sofia BNR ( Bulgarian National Radio ), Iva Doichinova, to create a new jingle package for the program. After the successful launch on air, he was invited by the General Manager of the Bulgarian National Radio (Andon Baltakov at that time) to create a new image jingle for the Bulgarian National Radio in the spirit of the modern trends, as well as new jingles for the Horizont program BNR. The premiere of the new image jingle was in January 2021. For the first time in the history of BNR it was recorded by the Symphonic Orchestra of the BNR. The image jingle of the Hr. Botev program was also played by the Symphonic Orchestra of the BNR and was on air in July of the same year.

In 2022 he worked on the 5th season of the hit series "Brothers".


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